Rustic Scentsations

Your one stop shop for custom accessories!

Car freshies, wax melts, custom rhinestone accessories! 

100% handmade in Yuma, Arizona. 

About Me

Taylor Morrison


Hey there!

My name is Taylor and I’m the owner of Rustic Scentsations! 

I’m a blue collar wife and a mom of 1. My love for art goes back many years and I am still passionate about to this day. From diamond painting and ceramics, to car freshies and now rhinestoning! My passion for creating something not only beautiful but from the heart runs deep.

I strive to bring you the most beautiful and best quality of products that will turn heads and have people talking! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a PM or an email. 

"Taylor made me an amazing Post Malone freshie! The scent I chose is lemon poundcake, and it smells INCREDIBLE! Even nearly a month later, I’m still in love. It still smells great! Definitely recommend her and the absolute art she creates! "

Ashley Junell

“Taylor creates freshies that are truly works of art and will have your car smelling beautiful! I have had freshies last for months smelling as good as day one! She is so creative and she can make any vision come to life!”

Cheyenne Laprade

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